Use Case

Total Loss Settlement Offer

Entrust customers to choose their own total loss settlement option digitally and connect this back to the claim adjuster, removing the need for call attempts, voicemails and long hold times.

The Challenge

A total loss to a person’s vehicle is a difficult enough situation, let alone having to be involved in what can sometimes be a long and time-consuming claims process. There are so many pieces to the total process and every step that involves phone calls, voicemails, and hold times can add to a customer’s frustration.

The Solution

With REPORT insurers can digitize the total loss settlement offer, allowing customers to view, select and even read more information about their offer with just the click of a button. We remove the need for the back and forth phone calls, the follow ups from voicemails and verbal misunderstandings by using STREAMLINE as the channel to connect customers to their claim, make updates to their settlement preferences, request a call and automate their settlement payout.

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