Use Case

Subrogation: Status Updates

Use automation to perform tedious and repetitive tasks, allowing adjusters to allocate their time on other pending priorities daily.


The Challenge

Status updates are used for a variety of reasons in subrogation. Whether it be a status update to the insured on a pending claim, a notification to the responsible party that the final payment is still pending or a request for a payment status from a responsible party, updates and requests are a necessary part of the claims process which, when added together, take a significant amount of time away from your team.

The Solution

STREAMLINE is your channel that manages the communication between you, your insured and other third individuals, companies and vendors. Status updates can be customized to fit the messages you want to convey, easily changed as new learnings are discovered and can be sent on an adjustable cadence that mimics your adjuster’s workflow, removing the need to pull adjuster’s away from their work.

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