Use Case

Salvage Document Collection

Expedite the total loss process by automating the process of collecting the customer’s signature and the manual task of sending the document(s) to the salvage company, saving time and costs.


The Challenge

When a vehicle is a total loss, there are a significant number of steps that must be completed in order to release the vehicle, sell the vehicle, etc. Claim adjusters have to contact the customer to explain what is needed, then follow up with manually sent emails, continue to remind the customer if there is no response, review the documents and send them to the salvage vendor once received.

The Solution

STREAMLINE can remove these tasks from your claim adjuster’s workflow and manage sending, following up, and even forwarding these documents to the salvage company without the claim adjuster’s involvement, all while updating the claim notes at each stage. This alleviates the need for phone calls, manually drafted emails, and status updates from the claim adjuster and allows more time for other, more complex claims and investigations. REPORT allows insurers to customize the emails and reminders so they comply with DOI regulations and best practices.

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