Use Case

Repair Shop Scheduler & Rental Reservation

Reinvent the way your customers schedule auto repair shops and reserve their rental vehicle all from the tips of their fingers. STREAMLINE and REPORT provide a self-serve experience for your customers, eliminating the hassle of coordinating multiple steps in the claims process over the phone and driving a better customer experience.


The Challenge

After an auto loss, scheduling a repair shop and a rental reservation can be a great inconvenience. Coordinating the selection of a repair shop then having to match that with a rental reservation that will be available when the customer’s vehicle is dropped off is difficult to manage and one that takes several phone calls to get right.

The Solution

REPORT provides a self-serve, easy-to-use experience that digitizes the repair shop selection and does the coordination of the rental vehicle to the selected repair shop behind the scenes without management from the customer or the claim adjuster. STREAMLINE automates the updates in your CMS, can create the applicable services and assignments and takes the management of manual status updates and notifications away from the claim adjuster, leading this process on the backend to allow more time to address critical tasks.

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