Use Case

Property Damage from Vehicle(s)

Offer a full end to end claims experience, including subrogation and reimbursement of deductible, for property loss types that have a high predictability of recovery.

The Challenge

When a vehicle strikes an insured’s property and is identified, the likelihood of the responsible party being insured is fairly high. These losses require additional investigation to request police reports, obtain third party details, place the responsible carrier on notice, prepare and send a demand package, all while managing and processing the claim and keeping the insured informed.

The Solution

Predefined loss types that have this high likelihood of recovery can be programmed in STREAMLINE to run through additional automated steps in the claims process such as requesting a police report, assigning a vendor to board up the property, placing a responsible party or claimant carrier on notice of subrogation using REPORT and pursuing these damages once a claim has been processed. By automating these multiple steps, adjusters can save time and focus more on customer service. more thorough investigations and complex claims.

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