Use Case

Payment Preference Request

Allow automation to verify your customer’s payment preferences without the need for time-consuming phone tag, voicemails and manual emails.

The Challenge

Once a customer has provided all the facts of loss, details of damage, and additional follow ups that are needed to determine liability and estimate the damage, it’s time to pay the customer and the claim adjuster realizes no payment detail is on file. Now, another call must be made or voicemail or even an email out to the customer after leaving a voicemail. Follow ups and reminders are sent all stripping time away from other tasks, investigation and claims.

The Solution

STREAMLINE helps remove these calls, voicemails and manual emails by automatically sending requests to customers for their payment details which can be sent directly to your core claims system or payment vendor without us storing any PII. Insurers have the option with REPORT of customizing the payment preference request so it meets the insurer’s needs, including all the available payment options and fields needed to make payment.

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