Use Case

Payment Automation

Modernize your payment verification, improve your profitability. Metromile’s claims automation software streamlines the path from payment request to disbursement.

The Challenge

Most claims involve payments to more than one party, whether that be the insured, a claimant, a vendor, or a lienholder. Verifying payment channels and ensuring the right parties receive on-time payments requires extensive back-and-forth via email and phone calls, increasing the odds of crucial payment information falling through the cracks.

The Solution

STREAMLINE has the ability to not only automate payment workflows for the claims team, but can also act as a payments middleware solution. Straightforward API integration enables a seamless connection to leading payment vendors, allowing multiple payment options for your customers. STREAMLINE claims automation software provides options for EFT, debit cards, and traditional customized checks, generating automatic notifications to customers or vendors when payments are processed, along with expected date of delivery.

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