Use Case

Loss Scene Photos Assignment

Automate the task to request and assign a vendor or customer to collect and upload photos of the scene of an accident with the click of a button.

The Challenge

When accidents happen in rotaries, unmarked intersections or other areas that are hard to imagine or see online for a claim adjuster, assigning either a vendor or a customer to collect these photos can be a daunting task. Using a website to make a vendor assignment requires a lot of inputs relative to the claim and requesting these photos from a customer can be challenging to reach them, having to leave voicemails, follow up constantly on a diary and sending multiple follow up emails manually.

The Solution

For customers, REPORT allows insurers to customize these requests for photos while STREAMLINE manages the frequency of emails and follow ups, only notifying the claim adjuster once information has been received or the customized timeframe has expired. For vendors with API connections, an assignment for photo collection can be done with the click of a button from the claim adjuster and allowing STREAMLINE to manage the confirmation, status and completion of the assignment, providing updates along the way in the claim file.

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