Use Case

E2E Water Loss Automation

Fast track one of the most common and high-volume property loss types to expedite the claims process, improve claim lifecycle, and reduce loss adjustment expenses.

The Challenge

Water losses are one of the most common property claim types which, in turn, takes up a significant amount of time to verify coverage, coordinate mitigation, obtain a contents list of damaged property from the insured, price out each item, write a damage estimate and process the claim. The lag time alone in just the first few days of the date of loss can have a heavy impact on the dollar value of the claim if mitigation is not done promptly to reduce loss expenses.

The Solution

STREAMLINE has built-in capability to automate these losses by identifying specific covered loss types, making automatic assignments to mitigation companies, communicating directly with insureds through REPORT to send and obtain a full contents list of damaged property and photos, can assign this list to an internal group or external vendor for price processing and ultimately issue payment once completed. STREAMLINE can also coordinate the assignment, management and payment of the damage estimate, whether done internally or externally.

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