Use Case

E2E Theft Loss Automation

Allow claim adjusters to focus more on high-value, complex claims and let our platform perform concise investigations, keep the customer informed at every step, and execute claim processing and settlement for claims that are eligible for straight through processing.

The Challenge

Often times theft claims are more prone to thorough investigations at many steps during the claim lifecycle, whether confirming the loss actually happened or validating proof of ownership. Investigations can often lead adjusters down rabbit holes where additional information is discovered and then must also be investigated, making a simple claim turn into one that is quite time consuming.

The Solution

DETECT can do the work to identify and track possible fraud throughout the claim lifecycle, notifying adjusters of any details that need to be elevated for further review all while being managed in our platform dashboard. STREAMLINE can call out to DETECT in any claim automation, reassign claims to SIU if a full investigation is needed and process claims that are low risk by communicating with insureds through customized emails designed in REPORT, obtaining proper documentation for the claim and, though defined business rules, settle and pay appropriate claims.

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