Use Case

Claim Document Requests

Metromile insurance document automation puts complete, comprehensive sets of claims evidence right at your adjusters’ fingertips.

The Challenge

After a claim is reported, the adjuster must obtain documents that support the customer’s claim, such as photos, police or fire reports, witness statements, etc. Getting these documents in-hand requires adjusters to dedicate valuable time to emails, phone calls, written requests, and other means of securing this important information. Slow claims processing increases customer dissatisfaction.

The Solution

STREAMLINE is designed to automatically trigger document requests, based on business rules defined by you. This level of insurance document automation frees your adjusters from chasing paper so they can focus on providing attentive customer service and rooting out fraud.

Built-in customer-facing templates in REPORT enable you to implement out-of-the-box solutions right away or customize templates to fit your unique business design and needs.

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