Use Case

Catastrophe Claims

Each country has its own definition of Catastrophe (CAT) season when the claims team ramps up to prepare for the worst case scenario. STREAMLINE offers pre-built CAT automation packages that allow insurers to be ready at a moment’s notice.


The Challenge

You can never predict what CAT season will look like so you must be prepared for all scenarios, including that “100 year storm” event each year. It’s difficult enough to organize, coordinate and execute on a CAT plan to ensure your business is staffed appropriately to handle the swarm of incoming claims 24/7.

The Solution

Your business can deploy STREAMLINE’s Catastrophe Claims processes immediately which are specialized claim automations that manage and settle claims with urgency and speed without the need for claim adjusters. These specialized processes are tailored for many catastrophes and can customized and deployed to expedite claim processes specific to each event. Expedited features include claim segmentation, customized CAT loss types, automated denials, expedited settlements and much more.

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