Use Case

Business Rule Validation

With STREAMLINE, users can design low code business rules that allow the claims team to run automated business rules alleviating the time it takes claim adjusters to validate these rules manually, boosting closing ratios in less time.


The Challenge

Insurers have different business rules in place to ensure certain aspects of a claim have been completed prior to any payments being made. This can range from coverage validation, finalizing liability, fraud checks and much more. All these rules take time for claim adjuster’s to manually check one by one and can often lead to missed validations resulting from human error.

The Solution

Remove the need for manual claim reviews and let STREAMLINE do it for your claim’s team. Not only will this reduce time and effort on your team resources, but it will also eliminate human error altogether. Business rules can be updated, added and easily removed to meet the needs of your growing business and allow you to adapt effortlessly to the latest trends in the P&C insurance space.

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