Use Case

Board Up & Tarping Prediction & Assignment

When it comes to wind, tree and other storm-related losses, it can be difficult for your customers to know who to call in the event a tree falls on the property, a window breaks or the roof starts to leak, especially if this happens in the middle of the night.


The Challenge

Once a customer reports a loss it can be challenging to connect with them again to help coordinate next steps, make assignments and discuss the claims process since a claim can be quite overwhelming for anyone. Each day that goes by when mitigation is needed increases the value of the claim.

The Solution

REPORT can predict the need for board ups or tarping right as the loss is being reported, quickly protecting the property from sustaining further damages. It’s crucial for your customers to know you are there for them, know who to call based on the damages and that you will help guide the customer through their claims process. Adding STREAMLINE can automate the assignment to vendors with available APIs even after the loss has been reported as well as update the claim file and notify the adjuster tasks have been completed.

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