Use Case

Auto Repair Shop

Help your customers find the right repair shop in a matter of minutes. Metromile’s user-friendly automated claims software connects your customers to the ideal repair partner with just a few clicks.

The Challenge

After an auto loss, most customers don’t have a preferred repair shop they know and trust. More confusion is piled onto an already stressful process as customers are now tasked with finding the time to locate a repair shop, schedule an appointment, and coordinate their vehicle’s drop off and pick up.

The Solution

STREAMLINE automated claims software guides customers through a series of straightforward steps to select a reputable repair shop and coordinate a convenient time to drop off their vehicle. STREAMLINE also provides regular updates on repair status and confirmation when the job is complete, so customers know exactly what to expect – and when. Automated programmable workflows remove the hassle of making multiple phone calls for scheduling and progress checks, so your customers can focus on moving forward after their accident.

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