AI for insurance fraud detection helps you catch inconsistencies quickly

Use DETECT, our industry-leading AI insurance fraud detection technology, to surface claims fraud quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Identify more fraudulent claims

Our SaaS-based AI fraud detection solution enables fast-tracking of legitimate claims and triaging of suspicious events for further investigation. Distinct FNOL and Mature Claims models (trained on your data) scan for fraud at various stages of the claim’s life cycle and support both straight-through processing and claims investigation use cases. DETECT’s accompanying decision support system surfaces the models’ predictions and interprets results, further supporting your team of fraud experts in their investigations.

Control costs

Minimize investigator workload while reducing pay-outs on fraudulent insurance claims. DETECT’s proprietary machine learning (ML) decision engine scores every claim based on hundreds of evolving scenarios to detect fraud patterns. These advanced ML models continuously learn from and evaluate user feedback, enabling claims handlers to focus on more complex cases.

Monitor for fraud at every stage

Continuous fraud assessment monitors each claim throughout its life cycle and at all transaction points, providing updated fraud scoring and risk insights as the claim matures. DETECT is pre-packaged with 140+ insurance-specific features and can be extended to accommodate signals unique to your use cases.

Signals include:

  • Endorsement change history
  • Vehicle damage details
  • Reserve allocations
  • Police involvement report
  • Related claim information
  • Driver characteristics
  • Loss cause
  • Rental party
  • Repair party
  • Unpaid premiums
  • Reporting party details
  • Personal or commercial policy

Fast, easy onboarding

To get started, simply provide historical insurance policy and claims data in any format. DETECT ingests, cleans, and maps your data. Our experienced enterprise data scientists and engineers manage the process, working closely with your internal teams to fine-tune your solution before proceeding to full deployment. The full onboarding cycle is completed quickly, often in as few as four months.

Experience the Power of Claims Automation

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