Intelligent insurance claims automation streamlines the full claims processing journey

Replace time-consuming manual tasks with STREAMLINE, our smart insurance claims automation solution. Use STREAMLINE to increase your operational efficiency and deliver standout customer service.

Improve internal efficiency

Rely on a proven “virtual claims handler” to automate routine, mundane activities, so claims adjusters can direct valuable time toward tasks that require human involvement. A user-friendly, real-time cockpit allows claims handlers to observe automated processes and interject whenever necessary.

No ongoing coding required

Set, maintain, and revise business rules dynamically to match your unique business requirements. STREAMLINE continuously monitors existing automated processes and automates new processes without requiring a code change or additional implementation fees. STREAMLINE generates the appropriate customer experience screens and executes automated processes by making the necessary changes in your core claims system.

Streamline the entire claims journey

Improve the overall claims processing experience from FNOL and automated fraud check to claim closure and beyond (e.g., subrogation) without constant involvement from internal or outsourced claims staff. STREAMLINE delivers the full “touchless claims experience,” including consistently-branded, self-service digital claims tools for insureds and back/middle-office process automation for insurance companies.

Empower Customers and Claims Adjusters

Customers gain convenient access to important claims-related information at any time from their web-enabled device. Adjusters rely on automated tasks to perform time-consuming, low value tasks while directing their expertise toward crucial activities or stepping in should a claim require more in-depth involvement.

  • View claim information, status, and next steps
  • Schedule repairs and coordinate vendors
  • Claim payments to insureds and third-party vendors
  • Subrogation automation
  • Claim withdrawal

Intelligent business process automation

STREAMLINE’s insurance claims automation is based on business rules established by each user, mirroring the needs and process of your existing workflow. Our team of business process experts and user experience designers will help you plan and execute your roadmap to a modern, digital claims experience.

  • E2E auto total loss
  • CAT property process automation
  • Homeowners vendor assignment
  • Business rules validation
  • Police report request
  • Automated follow-up emails/texts/letters
  • Automated invoice verification
  • Automated payment method verification (check, ACH) and processing
  • Automated closing letters

Experience the Power of Claims Automation

The time is now. See how our top-rated automation platform transforms the claims experience for your customers, staff, and business. Request a demo today.