Find your next insurance technology job with a team that’s transforming the industry

We’re changing the way people protect the things they value the most. The insurance industry is at the edge of a new frontier, and we’re looking for great people to help us explore it.

Surrounded by Breakthroughs

As the technology division of a functioning insurance company, you won’t just work with theory, you’ll see good ideas translated into real-world solutions. We hire smart, talented people from all professional backgrounds to bring their unique perspectives to the table. A collaborative, close-knit environment means that all ideas are valued and respected – because we all have something to learn from one another.

What It’s Like to Work with Us

Working at Metromile Enterprise is so much more than other insurance technology jobs. Here’s how we see the industry – and what we’re doing to improve it.

See problems. Solve problems. Repeat.

We’re solving the efficiency issues that stifle insurance productivity. There will always be a better, faster, smarter way to accomplish a task – and we’re on a mission to find it.

Work stronger, not harder

Collaboration, open information exchange, and a shared sense of purpose mean that together, we’re unstoppable.

We’re more than just technologists

For us, it’s not just about the technology. It’s about what the technology can do for our clients – and their clients.

Predicting an uncertain future

Exciting AI and machine learning advancements can now identify and categorize risk with even greater accuracy. We’re not fortune-tellers, but we come close.

Revealing the big picture in big data

Data starts to reveal a hidden story if you know what to look for. We’re obsessed with helping insurance companies translate data into wisdom.

We’re customers, too

Not only are we insurance experts, we’re people, too. We aim to help insurance companies deliver the level of convenience today’s customers expect.

Let’s do big things together.

If you’re excited about the power of automation to bring unprecedented levels of efficiency to business processes, you’re exactly the type of person we want to talk to. Send us your resume and if we think you’ll be a great fit, we’ll reach out directly.