We’re more than an insurtech company. We’re an “improve the entire experience” company.

Our insurance company DNA has shown us exactly what adjusters require to do their jobs better, what customers need to feel more comfortable, and what insurance companies need to increase efficiency and profitability. We built Metromile Enterprise to achieve all of the above.

Metromile Enterprise offers the best digital-first customer experience at the industry’s lowest cost.

We’re a diverse team that combines Silicon Valley’s best technologists with veterans from Fortune 500 insurers and financial service institutions. Our industry-leading, cloud-based enterprise insurtech solution provides P&C insurance carriers with advanced claims automation and fraud detection tools.

Our History

Metromile Enterprise is the SaaS-based, insurtech business group of Metromile, the pay-per-mile car insurance leader. We built our proprietary touchless claims platform in 2016 to expedite resolution, reduce losses associated with fraud, and unlock more employee productivity. In 2018, we began licensing our proven automated technology to help other insurance companies dedicate more time to higher-value activities and deliver more impactful customer experiences.

Our Values

As an insurtech company with practical, real-world knowledge of the operational inefficiencies facing today’s insurance companies, we made it our mission to develop intelligent solutions that improve the entire process, not just solve one piece of the puzzle. We continue to shape the industry’s future by remaining steadfast in our commitment to our company values: transparency, innovation, and dedication to developing solutions that provide measurable value for insurance companies and their customers.

Experience the Power of Claims Automation

The time is now. See how our top-rated automation platform transforms the claims experience for your customers, staff, and business. Request a demo today.