Digitized. Simplified. Optimized.

Automate your claims process with sophisticated P&C insurance software, developed and used by insurance experts. Metromile offers the industry’s most advanced touchless claims platform, harnessing the power of AI and end-to-end digital automation to deliver the best customer experience at the industry’s lowest cost.

Optimizing the Touchless Claims Experience from the Ground Up

As a pioneer in touchless claims, we built the digital-first claims automation platform that is revolutionizing insurance. Leverage light-weight, cloud-based P&C insurance software to transform the way you process claims.

Lower costs

Our AI-based platform allows you to reduce claims leakage and LAE while lowering fraud losses.

Close claims faster

Automation fast-tracks the claims process and delivers a more efficient workflow for your adjusters.

Delight customers

Our self-service platform lets customers self-report and check claim status on their time and terms.

Streamline workflow

“Virtual” claim handler performs routine, repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to focus on more challenging work.

Empower staff

Our low-code, cloud-based platform makes it easy for non-technical staff to configure the platform without extensive coding.

Integrate easily

Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing policy & claim management systems and telematics.

Experience the Power of Claims Automation

The time is now. See how our top-rated automation platform transforms the claims experience for your customers, staff, and business. Request a demo today.