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Metromile built the leading insuretech by creating a sophisticated Claims AI platform on top of standard claims management software. We realized this platform can help transform the way our industry handles claims.

Now, we’re licensing that platform to you.

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Introducing the

Claims AI Platform

Improve your combined ratio by 10%

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increaseOperating Efficiency

Reduce fraud investigation costs and lower cycle times using AI-powered fraud detection and automation.

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decreaseFraud Loss Leakage

Use the industry’s most advanced machine learning models to detect more fraud and stay on top of threats.

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increaseCustomer Loyalty

Increase customer happiness and long term retention with the highest rated customer experience.

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increaseEmployee Experience

Give your claims team superpowers with an AI-enabled platform that boosts productivity and reduces repetitive tasks.

Comprehensive Claims Transformation

The Claims AI Platform


Improve customer experience and downstream processing.

The secret to success with AI lies in gathering a mountain of rich, reliably structured data at first notice of loss (FNOL). Report is a smart digital FNOL solution for customer-facing data collection and call center representatives that creates opportunities for improved fraud detection, efficient downstream processing, and a “no-touch” claims experience.


Reduce loss leakage and increase Investigator efficiency.

Modernize your rules-based fraud discovery methods with Detect, an AI-powered fraud detection tool trained by the smartest data scientists in the industry. Scan incoming claims in seconds, and build a feedback loop with your existing investigative experts. Capture more fraud, and cut costs by eliminating investigations on low probability claims.


Instant replay for incidents helps you catch more fraud.

Equip your investigators and claims handlers with the power to instantly replay the details of an incident. Replay is a software solution that ingests any type of telematics data and makes it easy to play back a trip to corroborate the reported facts of loss with hard data. Dramatically cut investigation costs and increase your confidence in payout decisions.


Increase efficiency and improve employee experience.

Supercharge your claims organization and cut loss adjustment expenses. Streamline is an AI-powered automation suite that leaves RPA in the dust. Free your claims handlers from repetitive tasks so they can spend more time providing great service for customers with complex claims. Enable claims self-servicing to settle claims with lightning speed.

Gradual Transformation

Transforming your claims department doesn't have to take years or cost millions of dollars. We brought the startup mentality to your claims organization and built a platform that allows you to go live faster and with the organization's change management in mind.

Gradual Modernization

Change is always hard, especially when it's as transformative as AI. To be successful, any change management strategy must allow for the gradual adjustment of people and process, which is the approach we advocate.

End-to-End Transformation

A true digital transformation should aim to improve the entire lifecycle of a claim. This holistic approach to AI-enablement yields the most value through network effects.

Full Compatibility

Our software is designed to integrate fully into the claims management system of your choice based on your needs and constraints, without requiring you to change existing processes.

Amrish Singh, VP Product, Enterprise at the Connected Claims Conference 2019
Makoto Okada
Metromile has built the most advanced claims automation process assisted by AI and machine learning, and we look forward to enabling our customers to experience a faster, no hassle claim filing with this technology.
–Makoto Okada
Group Chief Digital Officer, Tokio Marine Holdings
Tokio Marine
...insurers are advised to look beyond mere cost savings and seek a richer, more data-driven and analytics-enabled customer experience that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies. Insurers that get it right will transform claims from a necessary back-office function into a source of competitive advantage, market differentiation and increased customer loyalty.
Claims in a Digital Era, Ernst & Young
Digital claims transformations generate impact across all of claims’ foundational key performance indicators.
25-30%▾ Reduction inClaims Expenses
20%▴ Increase inCustomer Satisfaction

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